How recruitment agencies normally work

  • Stretch your recruitment budgets for unpredictable projects
  • Charge unreasonably high rates (15 to 25%) per hire
  • Share recruiters across multiple clients
  • Take up as many assignments as possible

Inceptica is different and brings many benefits

  • We charge a very affordable fee for each successful placement
  • You pay a fraction of the market rate
  • Dedicated recruitment team for each client
  • We are very selective and work with synergies

Inceptica Recruitment Services

Our recruitment methodology is designed to align the most suitable candidate with your needs.


With excellent sourcing skills and access to the data bank of potential candidates from various sourcing channels, we have complete access to job seekers across multiple geographies.


With the aim to find the right fit for the position, we expertly screen the candidate as per the requirement and take it forward upon your approval on the shortlisted applications.


All arrangements related to scheduling and coordinating interviews are taken care of by us, thus ensuring that both you and candidate have the best shot at converting an opportunity.

Our Clients

WHISHWORKS NewT Global OSI Globant Codeflex Opalina Sagarsoft Fastcollab Summitworks Finday Tillpos