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Checking the health of the IT systems is a very important part of running the business. Our health checks framework systematically goes through one-after-the another best practices to confirm the state of affairs.

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Our architectural service includes bringing the best industry practices to your business. A strong architectural foundation will ensure business growth and help you reduce the overall implementation costs.

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We bring the best design thinking to the table. The more robust design upfront will ensure the solution is designed for business needs. Our team will also ensure design level testing is done to cover all the scenarios.

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Best coding practices, reusable components, and optimal code are the hallmarks of our development teams. We will ensure code development is done using the experts, which will ensure fewer bugs and no rework.

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Manual testing and automation testing are part of our service offerings. We bring onboard the best talent to ensure software testing is taken care of. Our best practices guide for testing will ensure that bugs are identified early on.

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Global and ambitious businesses need great care for production systems. Our follow the sun approach will ensure the system is supported 24x7. Our production support specialists are seasoned specialists from the industry.

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Our team of experts can help you assess the best suitable product for your business. We carefully assess your requirements and match them with the products in the market to make a recommendation.

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We Nurture The Talent Using Our Analytics Center of Excellence

As we focus only on analytics, everything and everyone in our business are aligned with the analytics knowledge. Our recruitment specialists are well versed with what is needed to attract the best analytics talent from the industry.

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We train every associate joining us with the latest technologies and tools. Every associate goes through few weeks of training from the date of joining and subsequently at frequent intervals to ensure they stay up to date with the technologies.


Certifications are an important aspect of benchmarking the talent available in the industry. All our specialists are industry certified before joining us or we get them certified by providing necessary training and support.


Our centre of excellence accelerators ensure code is developed faster to meet the tight business targets. Our accelerators are reusable plug-and-play components that can be embedded into the code being developed.

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We ensure our team is on continuous learning. We invest in developing technical skills and soft skills for our teams. We mandate a certain number of days every year to each team member to get trained and provide the necessary support.

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About Us

Our founding team comes with a strong background in Information Technology services. Founded in 2015, Inceptica has been focussing on delivering turnkey projects in software development.

For very select customers, we take up end-to-end recruitment services and non-analytics software services.

Remote First

COVID-19 has taught all of us 1 or 2 good things. We are remote first team.